Artist Services

Artist Services

Essentials for building a career in music

For artists and bands who are serious about building a music career and are confused about the industry and how to forge a path- we are here to help.

We know you have questions about how the big picture works.  It takes a LONG time to wrap your head around the music business. 

You have music- but how do you get it out there?  If you are serious about this being your business, it is much more complicated than recording into garage band and throwing it on Bandcamp, or SoundCloud, or YouTube, or just about anywhere that consumes music for free.  You want to build your business, right?

You want to perform outside of your hometown, but how do you get yourself out of there?  It involves a lot of elbow grease and marketing skills. 

You want to write songs, record and put your music out there, but what is the process truly like, what do you need to do to get from the recording studio to iTunes and beyond? 

We are here to guide you through the muck of the DIY music business that so many of us are capable of, once we are armed with the knowledge to put to use to tackle the industry. 

We’ll work with you on a consultation-basis to get you on the right path to meet your goals in the music business.  Call or drop an email so we can get the conversation started!

Consultations cover burning questions including:

  • Self-releasing an album
  • Bugeting
  • The studio recording process
  • Royalties and publishing
  • Planning a tour


And much, much more.  You must come with questions, and be ready to work for your success.