Diamond Cut Entertainment

A cut above the rest

We are no ordinary entertainment company

We are here to serve most any aspect of the musical entertainment industry in our not-so-small town of Louisville, Kentucky & beyond. 

Our services reach event organizers, event planners, company & church parties and picnics, clients seeking live bands to play for an event, home-party planners and more. 

We also serve our music community – reaching professional and educational music ensembles and soloists in need of high-quality recordings and reference recordings.

Live bands can come to us when they are in need of a PA and engineer for live performances.

Additionally, we accommodate musical artists and bands who need a bit of help in the music industry where it comes to navigating the music business.

Our goal is to satisfy all entertainment needs- to serve those who provide entertainment (you live bands & musicians out there)  as well as those who are in pursuit of entertainment (event planners, party planners, and corporations).

In a nutshell, we cover a lot of ground.  It is all entertainment- we are multi-faceted! Click on the links below to learn more about what we can do to help serve your entertainment needs.